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When you need a creative ally to help you manoeuvre past the obstacles getting in your way and moving forward on your own isn't working.

Own an original watercolour painting by artist Gina Clark.
Also find products featuring Gina's artwork such as posters, journals, and homewares.

My artwork is available for immediate licensing for a broad range of products. I can customize existing work to suit your needs or create something new just for you. 

Gina is a magical blend of creative and strategic, organized and explorative, focused and curious. Her energy is real, encouraging, and intuitive. I love that Gina can hone in on the absolute importance of following your heart and going for your goals, in a way that’s productive, personal, and powerful. She connects on a level that feels like you have known her forever, and she truly believes in drawing out the inherent creativity in everyone. 

Gina truly believes in drawing out the inherent creativity in everyone...

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I'm Gina, your new creative accomplice.

If you feel like you're not showing up as your true  creative self in your life, I'm your girl.
I've been there.  I get it.  And, I can help you let go of perfectionism and make creativity fun again.

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