It’s time to stop telling yourself you're not creative because you don't fit the mould of what a creative person looks like.

I told myself that for a long time because nothing out there spoke to me.

That's why I started Gina Clark Creative, so left-brained women like us could see that there's creative resources out there that don't induce eye-rolling.

We lefties are creative too -- sometimes we just need a little nudge. Maybe you don’t know where to start or how to nurture that part of your life anymore. Perhaps you feel, like I did, that it’s not your world—or your life is too hectic. 

I understand, and I’m here to help. I work with people just like you. I teach them how to cut out the things that leave them worn out and unfulfilled. I can help you find your creative spark or deepen one that's already burning.

I know I can help you with this because one day, not too terribly long ago, I burned down the proverbial house.

Here’s what happened...

"No More!",
I said defiantly.

Even if you don’t quite believe it’s possible, you can make creativity fun again.

(Don’t worry. I didn’t burn down my whole life, and you won’t have to, either). 

On the surface, everything seemed fine. I had a good marriage, three hilarious kids, and a comfortable home in a nice neighbourhood. 

But I was exhausted from doing all the things—irritated and stressed by everything on my plate. I was always running to and from something. 

Hockey games. 

Life felt like a game of ping-pong.

My anxiety only worsened as I repeatedly admonished myself to exercise more, eat better, meditate, and leave room for a social life. If you had told me to add anything else, I would’ve politely told you to shove it up your a**.

In my quest to do everything, I ended up resenting every bit of it. 

I had made a lot of choices that didn’t come from the heart. My ongoing need to look and feel responsible was suffocating my joy. 

“WTH?” I remember thinking one day. “This isn’t me.” I have a degree in Art History! As a third-grader, I was checking out books on Rembrandt. Like so many other women I work with as a creativity coach, I’ve never felt like I belonged with the corporate 9-5 crew. 

But I also didn’t feel like I belonged in the art world. While I’ve lurked at the edges, I didn’t see myself as an artist. I can only tolerate a smidge of woo-woo. I’m no moon dancing, crystal-wearing hippie. 

What do you do when you know the soccer-mom life isn’t right for you, but the woo-woo world sure as hell isn’t it, either? I could hear my mind, body, and spirit begging me to do something that would nourish my creativity. 

So I slowed down. Got quiet. I played with paint, began writing, and even tried my hand at weaving. 

Then something unexpectedly wonderful happened...


I realized I'm a left-brained analytic creative with the soul of a poet.



Human potential, small steps, beautiful things, colour, nature, and cutting out the noise to make room for the fabulous.


Pretense, parades (really, I don't like them), large crowds (see parades above), saying yes out of guilt, and unmade beds. 


Walking my dog, being cajoled onto the trampoline by my kids, playing with colours, relaxing on my deck swing, tending flowers.

daily rituals

Morning meditation, green tea and matcha, GF oatmeal with cardamom, yoga or bootcamp, reading before bed, and 

I 'm charming with
a little sass.
You too?

You can make something with your hands and get lost in it.

You can start small and crappy, and learn to silence that busy body voice that tells you unless it’s perfect, it’s not worth doing.

Because I’m living proof that it IS worth doing.

That your joy is worth reclaiming. 

That creativity doesn’t have to look like what your cranky 7th-grade art teacher or the slightly bat-sh*t crazy high school drama kids said it should look like.

You get to define it.

And if that feels scary?

That’s why you’ve got me -- here to demystify the creative process and turn it into something that’s just for you. A way to return to the part of you that always loved art but had it stamped out by the world. 

She’s still in there--she just needs a safe place to land and a trusted creativity guide by her side who makes making something feel like play again.

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Good Omens

Lemon Ginger Tea

The Handmaid's Tale

Art Gallery Visit



Creative Pep Talk

My Favorite Things

Traveling — especially to Jamaica for callaloo, rice and peas, and chatting with the locals!

my happy place!

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The Woods! It's my zen place where all of my best ideas happen.

Hygge! I'm that girl who takes pleasure in soothing things.  I love coziness for the soul.  Thick blanket, soft couch, hot drink.  I'm in.

My Favorite Things

Screen porches.  Benjamin Moore's Cloud White.  Ragdolls and mini-Aussies.  The colour orange.  Big skies.

my guilty secret

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Cooking for company.  I love menu planning and creating in the kitchen.  But day-to-day?  I leave that to hubby!

Photos! Taken close to home and far, far away. Nothing too staged.  The more natural and in-the-moment, the better.

This      That


The beatles

night owl



roller coaster




rolling stones

early bird





Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

INTJ | Taurus | 5w4 |
Generator | Year of the ox

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