Rediscovering Your Creative Essence: You're Not Alone on This Journey

From the age of eight, I found solace in the ethereal world of art, lugging home hefty Rembrandt books that dwarfed my tiny frame. Fashion and design spoke to me in vivid hues and captivating patterns throughout my teens. Yet, when life presented the grand canvas of choices, I opted for a safer, more predictable palette. For years, it felt like something was missing—because it was.

My journey to reclaim my artistic identity wasn't just about letting go of societal norms or expectations. It also involved navigating the labyrinth of personal challenges, including an emotionally confining relationship that spanned nearly two decades. But here’s the thing: it's never too late to rewrite your story, especially when it comes to embracing your most authentic, artistic self.

Now, I’m not just an artist. I’m your Creative Mentor, committed to guiding you through the maze of self-doubt, fear, and societal expectations that have kept your inner artist locked away. With splashes of intuition and boldness, my coaching is designed to stir your soul and lead you back to your creative essence. It’s modern, it’s transformative, and it’s wrapped in timeless wisdom, like the art I create.

Her energy is real, encouraging, and intuitive. 

Gina is a magical blend of creative and strategic, organized and explorative, focused and curious. 

About Gina


Human potential, small steps, beautiful things, colour, nature, and cutting out the noise to make room for the fabulous.


Pretense, parades (really, I don't like them), large crowds (see parades above), saying yes out of guilt, and unmade beds. 


Walking my dog, being cajoled to watch Dr. Who by my kids, playing with colours, relaxing on my deck swing, tending flowers.


Morning pages, Lavazza espresso, thinking instead of doing, boot camp, reading before bed, and colour play. 

I want to invite you into a nurturing space where your creative dreams aren't just allowed; they're encouraged, explored, and expanded. Whether you’re recovering from a life that tried to dim your shine or simply yearning for the artistic expression you always knew was inside you, I’m here to help you realize it’s never too late—or too early—to cultivate your creativity.

Your joy is not just worth reclaiming; it’s essential. I aim to be your guide, your mirror, and sometimes your cheerleader, but always an ally who genuinely gets the courage it takes to create. And if your spirit wavers, as it often does when we dare greatly, remember this: I've navigated my own emotional and creative mazes, and I came out the other side more vibrant and alive than ever.

Creativity isn't confined to what your old art teacher or judgmental peers once told you it should be. This journey is yours to define. It’s okay if you're scared; that's where the magic happens. With me by your side, we’ll silence the naysayers in your head, and in your life, turning creativity from a distant dream into your lived experience.

Whether you're a seasoned artist burdened by self-doubt, or a blossoming creative soul not yet sure where to start, I promise you: your artist is still in there. She just needs a sanctuary where her voice can ring true and clear. Let me offer you that sanctuary. Because, my friend, you are undeniably worth it.

So, why choose me as your Creative Mentor? Because I'm living proof that you don't just find art; you find yourself. And in the labyrinth of life, having a trusted guide can make all the difference. I can't wait to meet you on this transformative journey, as we unlock the gates to your unbounded creativity.

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My Favourite Things

Grasses in late summer. Must be the Prairie Girl in me.

my happy place!

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The Woods. It's my zen place where all of my best ideas happen.

Hygge. I'm that girl who takes pleasure in soothing things.  I love coziness for the soul.  Thick blanket, soft couch, hot drink.  I'm in.

My Favorite Things

Screen porches.  Benjamin Moore's Cloud White.  Ragdolls and mini-Aussies.  The colour orange.  Big skies.

my guilty secret

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Cooking for company.  I love menu planning and creating in the kitchen.  But day-to-day?  I leave that to my partner.

Photos. Taken close to home and far, far away. Nothing too staged.  The more natural and in-the-moment, the better.

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INTJ | Taurus | 5w4 |
Generator | Year of the ox

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